I was searching for jobs all over for nearly 6 months after graduation, but had little response, I thought I would just end up as a waitress, while I decided that may be the case, I found better careers listing and enquired online. Within less than 24 hours received response from Andrew. Andrew was very helpful on the phone and provided constructive feedback and strategies to implement. I had a thought about it and liked what was discussed so decided to go ahead with them. The process took about 3 hours, face to face, Andrew explained all the possible encounters during the process while he was implementing my resume. Long story short, after we went through the resume and cover letter together, I applied for a few jobs on the same night. To my surprise, I am not exaggerating, the next morning, I received my first phone call for an interview and the day after I receive another one. With short of time, I spoke with Andrew & Winnie in relation to interview strategies. And within a week, I received an offer to my dream job and I highly recommend Better Careers to everyone.
— Tina, RMIT – Bachelor of Food Science, QA Officer
There are lot of thoughts come through to my mind, don’t know where to start. I remember I was looking for jobs, sending countless resumes for 3 months without any interviews. Then I found Andrew & Winnie, who helped me with my resume and cover letter. I started received phone calls from different company. Step by step with Winnie’s coaching, I am given the flexibility to ask her questions when I can, I have gained confidence after time, and through their support I was more confident. I remember before the interview, I came up with a question in mind that I forgot to answer, I contacted Winnie and she helped me walk through it. I now feel that I am not alone. If anyone need help from there, without a doubt, I can tell they are very sincere to help anyone, just like a teacher to a student. Last but not the least, they are great!
— Katie, University of Tasmania – Bachelor of Finance, Finance